Immediate Recovery

Immediate Recovery

Immediate-really immediate-Recoveries from Schiz & Depression’

I am preparing an article from my case records on two cases of paranoid schizophrenia whom I brought out of their misery IMMEDIATELY. By “Immediately” I really mean immediately–not hours but minutes!!! I will also give literature citation of similar happening, meaning I am not the first to do it. I am not so lucky with extreme depression as I am with schizophrenia. Here I will report animal research in which rats have had instantaneous recovery from their “Learnt depression”. But if readers can relax on the definition of “Immediate” then I can report one case from my records who recovered from depression in one month. Expanding the area from schizophrenia and depression to other severe conditions such as chronic migraine, I will report recovery in one week from a life long suffering. So hold on. These articles are in progress. So bye for now.

Note: The immediate recovery from schizophrenia in one case and some recovery in another case interrupted by a medicine professor (who believed that vitamins do harm) is reported in another article (uploaded on this web site with the editor’s permission) published in Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine (JOM) under the title “Clinical Responses With Vitamin B3—Report of Two Cases of Schizophrenia”.



Ratan Singh

I am Dr. Ratan Singh. I work with a mix of orthomolecular therapy, neutralization, hypnosis and meditation as and when suitable for the patient/client. Actually I educate the patient or the caregiver in these and empower them to help themselves Qualifications: Certificate in Food & Nutrition; Diploma in Nutrition & Health Education (IGNOU), M. A. (Psychology, AMU), DM&SP (CIP,Ranchi), Ph.D., (Psychology) phones: 91 141 4022609, mobile: +9198281 99856;,, Consultant in Nutritional & Neuro-behavioral Psychology, Jaipur Hospital, India. Member, International Society of Orthomolecular Medicine Life Member, Nutritional Society of India. Clinical Internship in the Practice of Behavior Therapy (Late Prof. J. Wolpe’s Unit at Temple Univ. Medical School & EPPI, Philadelphia, USA, 1973-75). Author of Nutrition & Supplements in Major Mental Illnesses. Worked: 1968 in Rajasthan state government mental hospital and later in Bikaner general hospital psychiatry department (1969- 1971), Lecturer in psychology department in University of Rajasthan (1971- 1973), Intern in Behavior Therapy with late Prof. Joseph Wolpe, MD, Temple University Medical School & EPPI in Philadelphia, USA (1973 to 1975), Lecturer and later Reader (Assoc Professor) in psychiatry department of Institute of Medical Sciences, Banaras Hindu University (1975 to 1986) Assoc. Professor in psychiatry department in University of Science Malaysia Medical School and Hospital (1986 to 1997). I am now Consultant in Nutritional & Neurobehavioral Psychology, Jaipur Hospital, Near Stadium, Jaipur, India. I practise orthomolecular therapy (OT) for mental, emotional, behavioral, memory problems and illnesses. I combine OT with behavior therapy. I take children, adolescents, couples, families. I also train families with Autistic/ADHD (Pervasive Developmental Disorders) children in “ABA” and biomedical therapy in the hospital where I work. I also take up cases of schizophrenia, bipolar, depression, anxiety, anger for OT and nutritional interventions. I don’t “treat” in the traditional sense. I educate patients and/or their caregiver to help themselves. Please note I am not a physician.


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