Removed, re-produced, removed again the “voices”

Her “voices” (name given to her auditory hallucinations by her father) were at level “40%” even while the psychiatric drugs were going on.  The history was of 7 years with psychiatric treatment.  Recently (past week) I gave a supplement and the voices fell to “1/2%” on the second day. Then the supplement was not available in the market. I took advantage of this “accident”.  I gave her the culprit food item for two days without the supplement. The voices shot up to –to quote her father–“30 to 40 per cent”.  Her father shouted at me “. Stop that nasty food”.  I complied.  Meanwhile the supplement was available again. So the culprit food stopped and the supplement re-started, her voices reduced to “1%”.  I then asked her father if he had any doubt about the cause discovered then I could again produce the voices to convince him or anybody. Her father shouted and pleaded not to try again. He said “I am fully convinced. I wish I had found you earlier.”

This is classic case of ABA type behavioural analysis that I call N=1 research or experimental clinical psychology or experimental psychiatry research.

I certainly don’t claim that I will get similar success in another case.  But I keep getting the surprises. Its very interesting work but not money minting. After all how many cases can you do in a week or daily so intensively? Its very labour intensive work and personally stressful. Its only for the passionate ones to undertake.

Every case is different with a different cause of symptoms. But we must tirelessly search for the cause/s rather than starting drugs just on the basis of symptoms. Let us make psychiatry and clinical psychology a caused based discipline. That will be a revolution in the field. Drug companies will not be interested in this for obvious reason.

Please note: These auditory hallucinations were not the pseudo-hallucinations that can be conversion hysterical reaction. For over 7 years she has been and is on psychiatric medication for schizophrenia.

Ratan Singh, Phone: 91 141 4022609, 75686 95136, mail:, Consultant in Nutritional & Neuro-behavioural Psychology, Jaipur Hospital
– Certificate in Food & Nutrition; Diploma in Nutrition and Health Education; Life Member, Nutrition Soc. of India; Member ISOM
– Author of “Nutrition & Supplements in Major Mental Illnesses”;
– M.A. (Psychol), Postgraduate Diploma in Medical & Social Psychology, Ph.D.;
– Certified Behavior Therapist (from late Prof. J. Wolpe’s Unit, Temple Univ Med School, USA);

• Aug 2001 – Jan 2002 : Balkan Scholar Professor, The American University in Bulgaria
• 1986 – 1997 : Assoc. Prof. University of Science Malaysia Medical School
• 1980 – 1986 : Reader/Assoc. Prof. Institute of Medical Sciences, Banaras Hindu University
• 1975 – 1980 : Lecturer, Institute of Medical Sciences, Banaras Hindi University

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