Sleep reversal, schizophrenia

Sept. 23, 2010:

Finally I have succeeded in shifting my patient’s sleep pattern from 5 AM through 2 PM (sleep reversal) to the present 12 midnight through 10 AM. Its quite an achievement. I could do it by the following.

#1. Locked the computer room from 10 PM to 6 AM. But then he started viewing TV overnight.

So, read on because, as you will learn, this trick of locking away the computer was necessary but not sufficient to fix the sleep reversal.

#2. Changed my focus from his sleeping through the night to keeping him awoke through the day. For this I changed the timing of all (except for niacin that he continues to take in morning and evening) B group of vitamins—including sublingual methyl-cobalamin and omega3 and GLA ( evening primrose oil ) from evening to morning around 8 AM. The care giver would wake him up for the vitamins if he was sleeping.

His paranoid ideation was already gone a month ago, mainly due to heaped teaspoon of niacin morning and evening, totaling two heaped teaspoons of niacin daily —equivalent to over 4 gm daily. He used to suspect that people are following him and others could read his thoughts. And all this has been achieved in four months compared to his years of failed psychiatric treatment.  For years he had been on many psychiatric drugs that only gave him sleep, drowsiness and drooling saliva and nothing else. He is now searching for job to earn livelihood.

About a week ago, when his paranoid ideas were gone but sleep reversal was continuing, his care giver re-started the old psychiatric prescription and tried all the five drugs at their full doses that used to put him to sleep for sure. But this time–probably due to the vitamins and omegas–all the psychiatric drugs could not put him to sleep in the night. For five days of full psychiatric drugs trial the “sleep reversal” continued until the idea flashed in me to lock the computer room for nights and keeping him awoke in day. I achieved this by just shifting the timing of B vitamins and omegas as mentioned above.

October 22, 2010: Update on my above mentioned patient

I had written to the caregiver if we could now take the case as completed to which she replied as follows. Below, as “Update” I have arranged her e-mails date wise as she posted them to me. I also reproduce her e-mails to one NGO coordinator with her prior permission.

On Sept. 23, 2010:

1. You have taken us a long long way since the days of last Diwali and the approaching one.

2. We still have a difficult adult on hand but not a depressed zombie.

3. I DO NOT think, the job is DONE. ( though there are remarkable improvements)

> Ok. We continue.

5. We still have to observe  his sleep pattern and see what more can be done.

> Try to have him take GLA and Mexepa and B vitamins before 8 AM. Our strategy seems to have worked that is to change our focus from having him sleep in the night to having him awoke through the day. And also your reminding me what I did for similar condition in my family helped me recall of GLA and Mexepa.

5. What is the next level of treatment for Narendra ( changed name for confidentiality ) that you referred to?

> Job for him. And glad to learn that he is also thinking of it and there is hope next week.

6. My asthma can wait till the time Narendra ( name changed ) becomes a regular taxpayer.

7. Efforts are going on ( as per the interest shown by Narendra) to set him in a job. Hopefully we will know by the next week.

8. Getting the job would not be enough in his case but holding it for a few months would be neccessary.

9. How long is it needed for him to take the mexepa and gla before his sleep pattern normalises.

Sept. 27, 2010:


The psychotic drugs given to Narendra ( name changed ) for 6 months were

Antidep 75 mg, twice a day, Espuzine plus thrice a day, Lozapin 25 twice a day, Veniz XR 37.5, Sulpitac 50 once a day. These drugs ensured his sleep during the 6 months we continued the treatment.

After 1 month of Orthomolecular, when he developed sleep reversal which continued for 2 months i again gave him espuzine, lozapin, sulpitac, nepnap for 3 nights. He kept awake the whole night.

After starting on GLA and Mexepa, 2 tab each he has been sleeping at night around 1.10 AM and gets up at 10.30 AM.

I read Orthomolecular also worked well for Angina (the heart condition). Narendra’s mother has developed angina due to excessive worry.



Oct. 06, 2010:


1. Does Celin ( a sugar free ascorbic acid by Glaxo here in India ) help bowel movements?

2. Last 25 days, Narendra has been sleeping at night (12.30 AM to 8.30 PM) and is regularly taking gla, maxepa and niacin.

3. Last few days i have been able to push celin into him, mixed in sugar free juice. Yesterday he reported better bowel movements. I hope celin is the cause and it continues.

4. Still trying to get him in a job, seems it will take some time.



Date: Mon, 11 Oct 2010 10:40:24 +0530
Subject: Fwd: Ratan, Jaipur
From: [The caregiver]


The schizophrenia history was 4 years or more. His behavior during the 6 years that I know him was definitely not normal (confused, depressed, scared etc). The full episode was witnessed on 10 October, 2009  ( exactly one year back).

After this episode he was on psychotic drugs for 6 months and has been on orthomolecular for 4 months.



From: [The caregiver]
Date: Tue, Oct 12, 2010 at 2:22 PM
Subject: Orthomolecular Treatment for Schizophrenia

Ratan Singh’s note: This specific mail the caregiver wrote to an NGO coordinator is reproduced below. As I have not yet sought permission from this NGO coordinator, his e-mail ID I have deleted from this record.

Dear Sir,

I am [XYZ] Professor of Economics.  I had called you up 5 months back. That time i was searching for some effective line of treatment for a boy, close to my family circle who had been diagnosed with Schizophrenia. I have extensively read about your good work on the Net towards helping such people and much appreciate the same.

In my search for an alternative, effective line of treatment ( since psychotic drugs were simply keeping the active symptoms in check but were not the path for recovery) I came across the Orthomolecular Treatment, introduced by Dr. Abrahm Hoffer and developed by Dr Linus Pauling, among others. This treatment revolves around megavitamin, B3, B6, B12, Vitamin C, food supplements etc.

I started my ward on Orthomolecular under the able guidance of Dr. Ratan Singh ( Jaipur). Under his day to day directions, over a span of 4 months, my ward is showing 80 percent recovery. I say recovery and not a controlled state. I also say 80 percent because the parameter that i have in mind is that if the boy is able to take up a job and hold it for 6 months it would be a 100 percent recovery.

People do not know about this line of treatment. Since you work in groups and are associated with many organisations working for the mentally challenged I think you must know this line of treatment so that many, many more could benefit from the same. Moreover, Dr. Ratansingh, the person responsible for my wards recovery himself feels very strongly that more and more people need to know and benefit from Orthomolecular treatment. He would be most willing to lend us his expertise in  bringing light and hope into the lives of such people.

I am an educated person and what i share with you has come from 8 months of research and 4 months of witnessing the phases of recovery in a Schizophrenic. I also believe that this very painful experience that i came across ( witnessing the hopelessness of the mentally challenged), happened for a reason. The reason to me would be to spread this hope among many. I believe people like you, Dr. Ratan Singh and many more will bring back smile and hope into the lives of many as i witnessed in the case of my ward.

I am also forwarding Dr Ratan Singh’s e mail id ( and . He would be happy to hear from you.

I hope we can work out something.

Thanking you,


Date: Tue, 19 Oct 2010 10:01:20 +0530
Subject: Fwd: Ratan, Jaipur
From: [The caregiver]


1. Narendra ( name changed ) is well, not depressed, no sleep reversal.

2. His job has not yet worked out but we are trying.

3. His current problem is of very little bowel movement. Initially after Celin he had proper bowel movement but that was only for a day. Since then his B.M is very little and as a result his stomach is protruding and he does not feel light and fresh.

4. I think we need to go in for the candida fungus treatment.

5. Will candida fungus treatment solve his bowel problems?

6. Can you please tell me the process and requirements for the treatment of Candida fungus.



CLOSING NOTE: I stop updating now. If anyone wants to know further developments then s(h)e should write to me. If anyone wants to communicate with the caregiver then it has to be through me because I have to protect the caregiver’s privacy.

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